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What are the 7 skin care steps

What are the 7 skin care steps

By daniele

Even if you don’t care much about skincare, we’re sure you’ve heard of Korean glass skin. The Korean beauty routine promises perfectly smooth skin with almost no spots or marks, which is impossible for normal skin. To get the “glass skin glow” that is supposed to make your skin so clear that it reflects light like glass, you need to stick to a daily routine without skipping a beat. Even though we can’t guarantee that your skin will look like it can reflect light, here are seven steps you can take daily to fix most of your skin problems.


Cleansing is probably the most crucial step in a morning and evening skincare routine. During the day, dirt and pollution build up on the surface of our skin, which we need to remove regularly to keep our pores from getting clogged. Since our skin also builds up while we sleep, it’s essential to washing face in the morning and at night also.


After you wash your face, you should use a toner. What does toner do? It helps the skin feeling clean, clear, and fresh and brings back its balance and hydration. To use a toner, just put some on a cotton ball or pad and lightly rub your face and neck. Don’t rub your skin, as this could irritate you.


Serums are very concentrated and have only a few key ingredients. They are used to doing various things, like hydrating and brightening the skin. It would help if you always put your serum on after your toner so that it can penetrate your skin well.

Eye lotion

The eye’s skin is thinner and more sensitive than in other parts of the face, so it needs a little more care. Our targeted treatments and eye creams will help reduce the look of dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness, making your eyes look brighter and more awake.


With moisturizer, your skin gets the water it needs to keep its elasticity, which is the key to looking young. After you put on serum, put on moisturizer. This will form a barrier on the skin’s surface that protects and keeps the serum’s active ingredients.

Face Cover

Add a targeted face mask to your skincare routine if you want to get a deep clean or make sure your skin stays as hydrated as possible. Unlike cleansing and toning, which can be done daily, putting on a face mask daily is not a good idea because it can strip the skin of its natural protective barrier. Try using a face mask twice a week for the best results.