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The 14 Best Setting Powders for Every Skin Type

The 14 Best Setting Powders for Every Skin Type

By daniele

One of the worst things about your beauty is the makeup you just spent 25 minutes or more putting on to start to melt and slide off. There are dry shampoos that soak up extra oil on your head and powders that are made to soak up boob sweat. For your face, there is a magic product called old-fashioned setting powder that keeps your makeup from running down your face and onto the sidewalk or, worse, your mask. The 14 Best Setting Powders for Every Skin Type under the sun are listed here (literally).

Charlotte Tilbury is a makeup artist.

This powder went viral on TikTok, and the kids couldn’t have picked a better thing to be obsessed with. This pressed powder almost makes all the lines and pores on your face disappear. It works exceptionally well on the under-eye area to get rid of wrinkles.

Ami Colé

People often say that loose powders make the skin look cakey. This version from Ami Colé changes that story by making a setting powder that melts into the skin for a smooth finish. The rose quartz powder helps the skin look healthy and never dry or dusty.

Laura Mercier

All beauty experts have said they can’t get enough of this loose powder. When you don’t want your makeup to move, this powder sets even the creamiest products so that your look stays precisely where you want it.


It doesn’t cost an arm to make your makeup last all night. This loose powder comes in eight colors and helps set and mattify your makeup while giving you more coverage.


Even people with dry skin can use a setting powder. This baked powder makes oily areas look less shiny without clumping up. It has a formula that is hard to see. You can keep your fresh look without having to worry about wrinkles.


This packaging is a big step up for people who like a loose powder but want something new. Glossier has made it easy to get the benefits of a loose powder without worrying about it getting all over your things. The result is blurred and dull skin that still looks like skin.

Huda Beauty

This powder will help you get the most glam look possible. It hides pores and makes them look smoother, but it’s also great for baking under your eyes or a contour. It comes in nine sheer colors and will help brighten your face so you can take selfies that look great.


You don’t have to worry about this setting powder making fine lines look worse instead of blurring them. It has a natural, non-cakey finish that reduces oily areas and blurs pores without making the skin look dusty and caked on. Plus, it lasts for hours, so you don’t have to put it on again.

It Cosmetics

If you want to always have a filter on your face, you can use this pressed powder instead. Not only does it soak up extra oil on your skin, but it also blurs your pores so well that you won’t need to FaceTune your selfies anymore.


Clean beauty doesn’t always have to mean looking wet. This loose powder has squalane, which is good for the skin, and mica, which is sourced ethically and makes the skin look matte and soaks up oil. The result is a beautiful finish that doesn’t look cakey and helps the skin rather than clogging pores.

ONE/SIZE by Starrr, Patrick

There are no holes here! This loose powder is excellent at making fine lines, pores, and texture less noticeable. It stays on all day, so you can go to drinks after work without putting it on again. Because the setting powder is so finely ground, you will never look dusty.


We know we should put on more SPF every two hours, but who does that? This powder makes it easy because it keeps your makeup in place and protects your skin from the sun. It comes in four sheer colors, so you can find one that matches your skin tone and can touch up on the go.

Beauty Bakerie

If your skin feels like a slip-and-slide by the end of the day, you should buy a loose powder that lasts all day. This one was made with oily skin in mind. It sets your makeup and soaks up oil without making your makeup look bad.

Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty

This version is the perfect middle ground if you want a matte finish without the heavy setting powder feeling. It blurs and soaks up oil without making your skin feel dry and caked on. Also, it doesn’t wear off for hours, so you won’t have to reapply it during the day.