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How to Wash Your Face

How to Wash Your Face

By daniele

Ready to find out the best way to keep your face looking bright, healthy, and new? Dirt and grime are easy to eliminate when you wash your face daily. Using the right products and methods, your skin won’t get dry or break out, whether your skin is prone to acne, dry and sensitive, or somewhere in between. We’ll show you how to clean it properly to look healthy and beautiful.

How should you best wash your face?

It’s easy to think that using your face-washing product for a longer time or with more force will clean your face better. But in reality, how well you clean your face has nothing to do with how long you lather. Keep it simple: You should try to wash your face for 20 to 30 seconds or until the product foams up on it. If you wash too hard or too long, especially if your cleanser has exfoliating ingredients, your skin will quickly turn red, irritated, and angry.

The right time to wash your face

Most people should wash their faces twice daily, in the morning and at night. But wash your face every night at the very least. This is true even if you don’t wear makeup. During the day, oils and sweat from the skin build-up. Because we are out in the world, dirt and pollution build up on the top layer of our skin. If you don’t get rid of all this dirt at the end of the day, it can irritate your skin, make it red, and lead to acne.

Can’t you use water to wash your face?

If you have susceptible skin, you might want to switch out your morning cleanser for a rinse with just water. But make sure you clean your face at night. People with sensitive or dehydrated skin may use a cleanser twice a day that irritates or dries out their skin too much. But even if you only use water in the morning, dermatologists still recommend washing your face with a gentle cleanser at night to get rid of oil, residue, and anything else that has built up during the day.

Have a separate product just for exfoliating

You might think using a scrubby exfoliant is a simple way to do two skincare steps simultaneously. But the truth is that unless you’re using a cleanser with salicylic acid to treat acne, you probably don’t want to use an exfoliant every day, and there are probably better cleansers that are better for your skin.

It would help if you only washed your face when you have to.

It would help if you washed your face twice a day, once at night. It would help if you also washed your face after working out or doing anything else that makes you sweat. But that’s all you can do. Too much washing skin becomes dry and irritated, and it can cause the skin to produce too much oil. So, most of us should stick to washing our faces twice daily. If your skin is susceptible, use water in the morning.