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Double Cleansing The K-Beauty Secret to Glowing Skin

Double Cleansing The K-Beauty Secret to Glowing Skin

By daniele

If you like Korean dramas as much as we do, there’s a good chance you’re jealous of their clear skin. Not only do these dramas make us feel things, but they also make us swoon over the beauty of Korean artists. We went beyond being fans and learned about double cleansing, another Korean skincare routine. And we can’t help but tell you about it too.

What does it mean to clean twice?

It’s a well-known Korean skincare method that thoroughly cleans your skin to eliminate all the dirt and dust you might have picked up during the day. The name “Double cleansing” suggests that it cleans your face twice. First, with a cleanser that contains oil, and then with one that contains water. It uses oils to get the dirt off your skin without making it dry and then washes it away. Even though it takes a few minutes longer, it’s well worth the time and effort.

So, check out the new Korean skincare routine steps to double-cleanse your face.

First, wash

The first step of cleaning with an oil cleanser is to pull out oil-based impurities like sebum, SPF, makeup, and pollutants. Use a cleanser with oil, a cleansing balm, or micellar water. Use a cotton pad to take it off after rubbing it into your skin.

Second, wash

The second cleanse gets rid of things that are made of water, like sweat and dirt. It keeps sebum and bacteria from building up, which can help stop acne flare-ups. Use a foaming cleanser to get the most thorough clean. Please put it on your face, lather it up, and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Advantages of doing a double cleanse:

1. Removes sebum buildup

Acne is caused by infections that are caused by too much sebum. Oil-based cleansers are great for removing oil-based dirt, makeup residue, and sebum, which is overproduced when someone has acne.

2. Gets rid of the leftover makeup

Especially if you wear makeup, you should always clean your face twice. A two-step cleanse gives you a safety net against pimples and other skin problems. When your pores are clogged with makeup and other things that are bad for your skin, these problems often happen.

3. Use your skincare to its fullest

You’ll be surprised to learn that double cleansing can make other skincare products work better. Before you put on serums, AHAs, BHAs, and moisturizers, you need skin that looks like a blank sheet. Especially at night, a double cleanse can help your other products work better. This is usually the best way to a basic PM skincare routine.

Bottom Line

The idea of double-cleansing is to be gentle and thorough simultaneously. Those who wear makeup often, especially foundation, need to do it more. This is because the first step helps you remove the layer of makeup without removing the natural oils, and the second step cleans the skin well. This step also prepares the skin for other products like moisturizers, serums, eye creams, etc.